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BAAM Technique

BAAM is a set of tools developed by Diane of Mastnardo Massage Therapies to engage people and strengthen their body literacy.


  • Decreases symptoms of anxiety in the classroom, social situations, and home

  • Provides social and emotional tools at your fingertips

  • Self-care techniques — connecting with our natural healing potential


Breathing     Aromatherapy     Acupressure     Movement

Woman demonstrating belly breathing for relaxation.

Why learn to belly Breathe?

When anxious, we tend to breathe in a shallow, rapid manner and our heartbeat and blood pressure increase. Belly breathing allows more oxygen to enter the lungs and brings focus to our breath, flipping a switch in our brain to go from “fight or flight” to “rest and relax”, slowing down blood pressure, and promoting calmness.


Proven Results Using BAAM Technique

In partnership with a Lorain County Middle School results showed:

  • 19% decrease in disciplinary action

  • 10% increase in kids never feeling angry

  • 5.3% never feeling sad

  • Increase in attendance

BAAM technique was taught and practiced to over 200 students, for 10 minutes per session, over an 8-week period. Focus areas for evaluation included: disciplinary action, emotional wellbeing, and attendance.

BAAM is an innovative technique that addresses emotional and mental health at its core. We offer a variety of services outlined below. Please contact us to discuss which is best for you.

Mini-Presentation Workshop

This workshop is an intro to the four BAAM techniques done in a group setting to accommodate 8-50 people.

The Complete BAAM Package Workshop

This workshop includes the Mini-presentation, weekly 10-minutes lessons on each technique, along with pre and post evaluations. This program lasts a total of 10 weeks.

The Complete BAAM Package Workshop + YPAR

This workshop includes the Complete BAAM Package workshop, along with Youth-led Participatory Action Research, This program consists of 1 hour sessions and lasts a total of 8-12 weeks.

Healthy Minds Healthy Communities Partnership

This partnership provides training, program development, and everything in between. Please visit: to learn more.

Cleveland Leadership Center 2020 Accelerate Finalist!

On February 27, 2020, Diane, along with her son Jacque pitched BAAM's vision at Accelerate 2020. They were finalists in the Health & Wellness category.

Watch them in action!


In October 2020, Diane was featured in Cleveland Magazine's In the CLE article "Do Good Cleveland" which highlighted Clevelanders making a difference by offering inspirational stories, tales of giving back, and volunteering.

Read the full article here >


Community Outreach


Megan Sturtevant-Lucien & Kylie Bodis

In 2020. two Avon Lake High School Seniors wanted to uplift their community and help reduce stress and anxiety. Through their research, they learned about the BAAM Technique. 

With the support of local sponsors, they designed, made, and handed out over 100 care packages to local teachers, coaches, families, and students. They also created YouTube videos demonstrating the different techniques and created fun challenges and asked the recipients to engage with them on social media. Their goal was to bring our community together in support of one another while reducing stress and anxiety using the BAAM Technique.

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