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Massage is a general term to describe the techniques (modalities) used on the soft tissues (muscle, tendons, ligaments, and connective tissue – fascia). Both Eastern and Western cultures influence the art and science of massage therapy. Technique can vary greatly depending on the form, modality, and diversity of the therapist.


Whether you are using massage for muscle relaxation, chronic pain, part of a rehabilitation program, or overall wellness, our therapists will customize each session specifically for you. We keep confidential SOAP notes and individual treatment plans for all our clients.

CranioSacral Therapy works to support the health of the whole being, especially the nervous system, allowing the normal rhythms of the cerebral spinal fluid to nourish and “unkink the hose”. Hands-on the touch is generally light and still, clients can remain fully clothed. This modality is beneficial for chronic pain, central nervous system disorders, head and neck pain, TMJ dysfunction, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, general stress, and anxiety.

Cupping works with suction from specialized cups to create space in the tissue, allowing blood and energy to flow.  This modality is beneficial to relieve back and neck pains, stiff muscles, anxiety, fatigue, migraines, rheumatism, and even cellulite.

Deep Tissue Massage works with the deeper layers of muscles through specialized techniques, like myofascial release and neuromuscular therapy. NOT just deeper pressure! This modality is beneficial for results-oriented treatments like breaking up scar tissue, increase range of motion, decreasing pain and enhancing performance.


Lymphatic Drainage works with the lymphatic fluid (infection-fighting white blood cells) to enhances circulation using rhythmic, light pressure strokes, and gentle manipulation of the joints along lymph pathways and nodes. This modality is beneficial for a variety of inflammation including sinusitis, lymph-edema, post-surgery, post-cancer treatment, auto-immune flare-ups as well as support for general detox.

Myofascial Release works with the connective tissue (fascia) by applying mild, yet deep, sustained pressure to stretch and soften the fascia to restore normal alignment, function and reduce pain.  The technique is beneficial for scar tissue, increasing range of motion, enhancing overall tissue health.


NeuroMuscular Therapy works with the muscles, tendons, connective tissue and nervous system to help create balance. This modality is beneficial for chronic pain, enhancing the function of joints muscles and how they work together (biomechanics), decreasing muscle spasms.


Prenatal Massage is typically a Swedish style massage and is appropriate at any time during a low-risk pregnancy. As the baby grows, a very comfortable pillow supported side-lying position is used. Receiving massage during pregnancy can reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, relieve muscle aches and joint pains and relieve sciatica pain.

Reiki works with the chi or “life force energy” rooted in Eastern medicine (Japan). This modality is beneficial for chronic pain, stress reduction and relaxation to promote healing.

Reflex Analysis works with attachment point therapy to treat the soft tissue neurology, it is a results-oriented treatment and is beneficial for acute and chronic pain conditions such as the low back.

Soft Tissue Release works by applying pressure on muscular trigger points (often at attachments at the joint) while the joint is actively moved within the range of the joint releasing the muscle and ligaments tissues.  This modality is beneficial increasing for increasing range of motion, frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel, and sciatica.

Sports Massage works with the muscles relevant to the sport in which the athlete participates, blending modalities to enhance performance. This modality is beneficial for the athletes of all levels to enhance endurance, prevent injury, decrease recovery time and support injury rehabilitation.

Swedish Massage works with long, smooth strokes integrating ancient Eastern techniques with modern Western principles of anatomy and physiology. This modality is beneficial to relax, decrease stress and improve muscle tone.


Trigger Point Therapy works with tender points within muscles and tendons that refer to or radiate pain.  This modality is beneficial in decreasing pain and re-educates the muscles into pain-free habits. May also be referred to as neuromuscular therapy.


Tuning Fork Sound Therapy works with sound vibration to unblock and attune the human energy field, aligning your inner rhythms to achieve optimal health and wellbeing. This modality is beneficial for stress reduction, increase blood flow, balancing the nervous system and creating deep relaxation.



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Our services are all-inclusive. Tax and tip are included in each rate.