Intro to Cupping Class

Introduction to cupping is a class specifically developed for massage therapists. Please note that you need to be licensed (LMT, PT, or OT) to attend this class. This class will cover two sets of cups, plastic cups that use a pump method, and a silicone cup set.
We will be covering various methods of applying the cups to the body for pain relief and relaxation, during a massage.
Hands on demonstrations, and then break out sessions for practice with a partner will be the format of class.


Class Schedule Module:
1:00 Intros & History of TCM Cupping Indications /Contraindications
2-2:30 Demo of cupping techniques for the posterior body
2:45-3:45 Exchange practice with partner
4:00 Snack and Break time (snack provided)
4:30-5:00 Demo anterior body including abdominal cupping
5:15-6:15 Exchange practice with partner
6:30-7 Question and Answer/ Closing

Cupping sets will be provided for practice *** class does not include a cupping set for take home.

Ordering of sets can be arranged with additional payment for cups.


Cost: $220
($100 non-refundable deposit required to hold a place for class by September 28th)

Includes class, and manual with pictures demoing techniques we cover in class for each body area.


Class participants will be limited to 6.

Amy Marie Butler will be teaching and one assistant will be present.

Check back for 2023 Spring date!

“I am so grateful to have had the privilege to be trained by Amy. I have personally benefitted so much from receiving this therapy, it truly helps keep me mobile and pain-free.  Utilizing cupping therapy in my practice has made my sessions more effective in addressing client issues and time-management.  Amy is very knowledgeable, patient, and intuitive; all aspects that make her a great teacher! I was really apprehensive in the beginning to use these techniques (the cups can seem intimidating at first), but with her training am now confident in administering this therapy and am excited to continue exploring all of the different ways to utilize the cups.”