About Us

Mastnardo Massage Therapies was started in 2001 with a focus on a holistic approach to wellness utilizing education and self-awareness through the specificity of touch to maintain a healthier pain-free life.

Our Massage Therapists are experienced in working with patients who suffer from various medical conditions as well as patients trying to reach or maintain overall wellness.

Meet our Therapists


Diane Mastnardo has been a licensed massage therapist in Ohio since 1999. Her clinical experience has been in hospital-based rehabilitation centers, fitness centers, and day spas. Mastnardo Massage Therapies was started in 2001 with a focus on a holistic approach to wellness utilizing education and self-awareness through the specificity of touch to maintain a healthier pain-free life. Working with the athlete, everyday client or unresolved cases, her practice is about empowering people to utilize their body's natural ability to manage pain and increase mobility.  She works transdisciplinary to achieve the best outcomes for the client.


Diane is the founding director of Massage Northern Ohio (MNO-PBRN), a massage therapy practice-based research network. Diane believes in creating an avenue for clinical massage therapists to collaborate and support the generation of evidence-based knowledge on effective and consistent massage therapy treatments will help develop pathways for the integration of massage therapy into conventional health care.


Amy has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2000. With experience in chiropractic and hospital settings working alongside physical therapists and acupuncturists, she has developed interdisciplinary skills to help relieve the pain of injuries and trauma utilizing neuromuscular massage.

Amy is focused on educating her clients on self-healing techniques to balance the chakra system. She utilizes tuning forks, polarity therapy, and cupping techniques during sessions for optimal wellness. Amy is also certified in Reiki and enjoys teaching freedom of movement through hoop classes.

Amy's Areas of Specialty: Cupping, Reiki, Tuning Fork Sound Therapy

Sarah Jane .jpg

Sarah-Jane received her B.S. in Health Sciences at Cleveland State University and later completed the massage therapy program at Tri-C.  Her education and hands-on training have prepared her to help each client achieve session goals, ranging from general relaxation to specific therapeutic work. She is also certified in Upledger Craniosacral 1; this therapy has taught her how to take a whole-body approach to treatment, the importance of patience, and that every body has its own inner wisdom. 


Sarah-Jane aspires to be present with every client and welcomes communication. Her treatment philosophy consists of calming one’s nervous system while directing attention to areas of concern using mindful breath and touch.

Sarah-Jane's Area of Specialty: Craniosacral Therapy